October 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for October 2015

                                                                                                                                            October 1, 2015


The Jetmore City Council met in regular session on October 1, 2015.  Mayor Derek Olson called the meeting to order.  Councilmen answering roll call were Mike Hendrickson, Jesse Pitts, Pete Shewry, Larry Steinbring and Scott Smith.  Also attending were City Administrator Michael Ort, City Attorney Craig Crosswhite, Sheriff Jared Walker, Undersheriff Jeff Channell, City Clerk Deb McKivergan, Joe & Gayle Sullivan, Roy Hargadine, Brad Ochs and Tim Gibbs.

Minutes of the previous meeting were discussed and then approved as presented.

Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to pay the bills for September, Appropriation Ordinance #2015-09.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REPORT:      Economic Development Director Lea Ann Seiler reported that the Kansas Travel Center in Goodland is highlighting Hodgeman County and Jetmore this month.  The Community Video will play on their big screen as well as two additional displays in the lobby area.  There will also be a hunting display that will remain throughout the hunting season.   A grant/loan was received for the ambulance and Stryker cots, Lea Ann is now working with the hospital for a grant for medical equipment.  Funding was received for GROW through the Kansas Health Foundation, sending four people to the BEOS Conference in October.  Hg. County is a finalist for the e-Community program and the final review on October 7th.  If accepted, Lea Ann will begin selling tax credits immediately and all credits must be sold by December 18th.  Lea Ann is tying up loose ends on the SRTS Grant.  Lea Ann will be presenting to the NWKTC students about available openings in our community for skilled graduates.  The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiatives – Ice House Facilitator Certification will happen at the end of October, allowing us to offer classes and summer camps for Youth Entrepreneurism.  A post secondary college student is assisting HCED with a Senior Survey, for the seniors in our community, in hopes of addressing any gaps.  Lea Ann promoted the Hodgeman Community at the State Fair in September, attended Destination Bootcamp in October and is currently working with three potential businesses.


SHERIFF DEPARTMENT REPORT:  Sheriff Jared Walker and Undersheriff Jeff Channell presented the monthly activity report, the county fine schedule and discussed the speed limit on park hill.

Tim Gibbs and Brad Ochs asked the City to pay for one-half of the purchase of new flags on Main Street in the amount of approximately $379.00.  Councilman Smith made the motion to pay one-half of the purchase of polyester flags in the amount of approximately $379.00.  Councilman Hendrickson seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Roy Hargadine visited with the Council about the use of the gun range at the City Lake.  The range was recently used for a KSHAA Rodeo event competition with approximately 50 shooters.  They donated some wood and helped clean the area around the range.  There will be a Poker Run at the range.  It was decided that the range could be used free of charge for non-profit events.  The Sheriff’s Department requested a key to the permit box and shed so they could monitor the use of the lake.  They will check permits and have daily and yearly permits available to sell.  Mayor Olson reported that he had ordered more signs to be posted at the main gate, the gun range and at the picnic shelters.


CITY ATTORNEY REPORT:  City Attorney Craig Crosswhite reported that municipal court is now handling misdemeanors.  He has updated the ordinance referring to bulk fuel storage.  He told the Council that legislation was passed to move the city elections to the fall; he is looking into what the City will have to do to prepare for that and he will bring the information back when he receives it.  He reported on the buildings, equipment, etc. that was left at the former racetrack.  Mr. Crosswhite also reported that the City had received the 2015 UPOC and STO’s and he had prepared ordinances to incorporate them.  Councilman Steinbring made a motion to approve Ordinance #642, an ordinance regulating public offenses in the City of Jetmore, incorporating by reference the “Uniform Public Offense Codes for Kansas Cities”, Edition 2015, with certain omissions.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  Councilman Steinbring made a motion to approve Ordinance #643, an ordinance regulating traffic within the corporate limits of the City of Jetmore; incorporating by reference the “Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities”, Edition 2015.  Councilman Hendrickson seconded the motion; vote unanimous.


CITY FOREMAN REPORT:  City Foreman Brian Beil was attending KMU training, but left the following report.  They have replaced the pipe in the lift station at Bramley Place; removed the temporary service line to the power plant; repaired a swing at the park; painted parking on Main Street; patched the street at Best & Atkin along with their routine duties of reading meters, measuring lots, monitoring wells, safety meetings etc.


CITY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT:  City Administrator Michael Ort told the council of upcoming regional LKM Suppers.  Mr. Ort presented Resolution 2015-03, a resolution expressing the property taxation policy of the City of Jetmore governing body with respect to financing the annual budget for 2016.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to approve the ordinance.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Ort told the Council of his trainings coming up in October and November.

Ort spoke to Gerald Miller of Black Hills Energy about the franchise information requested by the City. The franchise information was received on September 10, but there is still a discrepancy regarding the number of addresses within the city limits of Jetmore.

Mindy Cure met with the City Administrator and let him know the insurance policy on the roping arena for Jetmore Saddle club is up for renewal on Oct. 29. We can switch to another company and decrease the premium up to $500.  Cure thinks this would serve our needs better as well as save money.

Ort has visited with representatives from Civic Plus for our website hosting. Their product would be $4,975 for the first year and $1,500 per year for annual updates and support.  He will continue to look for other options that may be less expensive.

Ort ordered a transfer pump and motor for the diesel tank at the power plant. The cost will be $1,926.00.

A staff meeting was held on September 28th. The staff held a safety training and were reminded that all communication between the staff, outside vendors and Mayor/Council go through the office of the City Administrator to avoid potential mix-ups and provide consistency in communication.

Ort reported on the budget through August 2015.

Brian Lawrence asked the Administrator for an extension of 1-2 weeks on his contract. The programmer is currently out of the country on other business and doesn’t allow others to install his programming.  The Council will allow him the extra time and revisit the contract at the November meeting.

DeWayne Craghead asked the City for assistance at the Fairgrounds. He requested a lift station for the new men’s and women’s restroom which are being planned for the facility.  The cost to the city would be approximately $12-$15,000.  Craghead also asked the City to install 3-phase electric to the fairgrounds.  They would like to have this completed by May 2016 at the latest.  The City is not able to help at this time; these projects were not included in the budget.

Ort has received the agreement with KDOT for the runway remarking project. Mr. Ort looked into the possibility of resurfacing or patching the runway before painting.  It was indicated that patching only was needed in most places, however there were a few places where there is damage to the concrete beneath the surface and it would be advisable to cut out and take up small sections and replace them from the ground up.  The estimated cost to the city for crack fill, seal coat and remarking would be approximately $50-$60,000 for the City with KDOT grant money.  This would be a 2016 or 2017 budget item.

The water tower project was discussed. The priorities per Dennis Bowman, the project engineer, are 1.) The tower, controls, and the dedicated line between wells 13 & 12 and the tower for force blend those two wells and 2.) Problem mains as determined by deterioration and/or taste and odor issues, service lines and meters, a repair and replace schedule and a valve test program.  Ort presented funding options to the council.  Beth Warren, with Ranson Financial will be at the November meeting to visit with the Council about a rate study.  Mr. Ort will continue to study the need and bring back information to the Council.

KMEA has requested that we appoint a Director #1 to fill the unexpired term of Grayson Path on the Board of Directors.  Councilman Pitts made a motion to appoint Michael Ort to fill the term.  Councilman Hendrickson seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Mayor Olson presented an adjusted bill from JAG Construction for work done during the street project.  JAG damaged some concrete gutter at their plant and still owes the City for some street sweeping, so the bill will be adjusted and revisited at the November meeting when Brian Beil, the City Foreman, is in attendance.

Councilman Steinbring made a motion to adjourn.  Councilman Hendrickson seconded the motion; vote unanimous.