September 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for September 2015

                                                                                                                                            September 3, 2015

The Jetmore City Council met in regular session on September 3, 2015.  Mayor Derek Olson called the meeting to order.  Councilmen answering roll were Jesse Pitts, Orval “Pete” Shewry, Larry Steinbring and Scott Smith.  Absent was Councilman Mike Hendrickson.  Also attending were the City Administrator Michael Ort, City Attorney Craig Crosswhite, City Foreman Brian Beil and City Clerk Deb McKivergan.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented.

Councilman Steinbring made a motion to pay the claims for August, Appropriation Ordinance #2015-08.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Jim and Marcella Whipple met with the council and requested a variance to Chapter 16, Article 16-204 of the Code of the City of Jetmore; asking that a garage be placed only four (4) foot off the south property line.  Councilman Shewry made a motion to approve the variance request.  Councilman Steinbring seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Mike Thornburg met with the council and requested permission to use the King Center free of charge for the 4th Annual Feed the Spirit dinner on Christmas Day.  The use of the building was granted.  Mr. Thornburg is also working with the Sheriff, HCED, City and County to start a “walking school bus”.  There will be a meeting held on September 14th to determine routes and get volunteers.  Mr. Thornburg also asked the council to consider parallel parking on the west side of the street in the 400 block of Main.  The City Administrator will visit with KDOT to determine if that is an option and then visit with the business owners on that block for their opinions, then a determination will be made before the lines are painted.

Norman Bamberger met with the council asking permission to run concrete, at his expense, in the alley behind his business in the 400 block of Main.  Mr. Bamberger was asked to fill out a building application, then the City Foreman and Mike Morgison with JAG will look and the project and make their recommendations.


SHERRIFF REPORT:  Sheriff Jared Walker met with the council and asked for clarification of the city limits on the north side of town along Highway 156.  Sheriff Walker also expressed his support of the walking school bus and noted that he has been providing extra patrol when school takes up and lets out.   The speed limit on Park Street was discussed.  The City Code book states that the speed limit is 20 mph and Sheriff Walker asked that signs be installed stating that.  The City Foreman will order and place the signs.


CITY ATTORNEY REPORT:  City Attorney Craig Crosswhite reported that he had sent letter to KDHE about the environmental issue at the industrial park and it appears Nuverra is taking care of the issue at this point.  Mr. Crosswhite also sent a letter to KDHE about the sewer drainage.  Mr. Crosswhite also reported on Municipal Court.


CITY FOREMAN REPORT:  City Foreman Brian Beil reported that the City Crew has been mowing all their properties and disked a fire break; raised sewer manhole lids; bladed roads in town; worked on some alleys in town; put the street signs back up on Main Street; changed out electric poles and a transformer; among other routine duties.  Brian was also asked to place reflective markers at the airport road for the EMS and reflective tape on the fire hydrants in town for night time fires.


CITY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT:  City Administrator Michael Ort reported that the power plant is approximately 60 days from completion.  Because FMI did not bolt the generator to the engine, Fairbanks Morse is sending a man to do that.  Bill Hilger is familiar with the person being sent and assured us that he will do a good job.  There will be an additional cost for the work, but that amount is not known at this time.

The City Administrator will be attending the following trainings and conferences:  Sept. 11, Economic Development Seminar in Hoisington; Sept. 15, a web training on Emerging Personnel Issues; the League Conference in Topeka on October 12-14 and The annual KACM Conference on December 2-4.

The LKM requested that the City of Jetmore designate a voting delegate and an alternate from the City.  The City Administrator will be the delegate and the Mayor will be the alternate delegate.

Mr. Ort plans to hold monthly staff meetings on the last Monday of each month.  This will allow the opportunity to maintain staff cohesiveness, facilitate regular communication and hold regular safety training as required to maintain a gold rating with KMIT/IMA.

Mr. Ort asked the council if they want to continue to pursue the franchise fees with Black Hills Energy.  The Council asked him to continue to pursue this.

A recommendation has been made to budget for and require the city crew to attend KMU’s annual electric schools, including courses on substations and power plants.  Costs and dates are not known at this time.  The Council agreed that training is necessary and the Administrator will proceed with scheduling the training.

A draft emergency action plan has been examined and approved by KSMAP.  It is now ready for the council to examine.  This plan is needed to direct the recovery of its utilities in an orderly manner in the case of a disaster.

The City is in need of a new water tower and updates to the water infrastructure.  Dennis Bowman will be in Jetmore on September 8th to meet with the administrator, review the report and analyze the state of the system at this time.  The meeting will be used to develop a priority list and a plan of action to present to the council at the October meeting.  Mr. Ort suggested that a special meeting may be needed to address this issue by itself with Mr. Bowman present at the meeting.  Mr. Ort is looking for funding options through KDHE, USDA or GO Bonds.


CITY CLERK BUSINESS:  A CMB application for Circle K Stores was presented to the council for consideration.  Councilman Steinbring made a motion to approve the CMB application of Circle K Stores in original and unopened containers and not for consumption on the premises.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Marlin Spreier contacted the City Clerk and reported that he has moved the building he has purchased off the previous dirt track property and he is interested in another small building.  The City will take inventory of the remaining items then determine what they will do with these items.

The renewal of the BCBS Policy was presented.  Councilman Smith made a motion to approve the BCBS Policy with the new deductible of $3000 individual/$6000 family as presented.  Councilman Shewry seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

The City Staff and Council will hold a welcome for the new Administrator and his family on October 26th at the Cheyenne Hills Clubhouse.

Councilman Pitts made a motion to approve Ordinance #641, an ordinance establishing certain safety regulations for bulk tank storage facilities.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Mayor Olson reported that he plans tol attend the Mayors Conference in Liberal on September 12th.

Councilman Steinbring made a motion to adjourn.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.