April 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for April 7th

                                                                                                                                            April 7, 2016

The Jetmore City Council met in regular session on April 7, 2016.  Mayor Derek Olson called the meeting to order.  Roll call was answered by councilmen Mike Hendrickson, Orval “Pete” Shewry, Larry Steinbring and Scott Smith.  Not present was Jesse Pitts.  Also attending were City Administrator Michael Ort, City Attorney Craig Crosswhite and City Clerk Deb McKivergan.

Minutes of the previous meeting were presented and corrected to state that Mayor Olson signed the lease at the Industrial Park, not Mr. Crosswhite, as stated in the City Attorney’s report.  The minutes were then approved as corrected.

Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to pay the claims for March, Appropriation Ordinance #2016-03.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Mayor Olson proclaimed May 28th as Poppy Day in Jetmore, KS.  Heather Burke, from the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary was on hand to accept the proclamation.

Wayne Schwartz met with the council and requested a change to the street light in front of his new shop.  The light will be moved away from his driveway closer to the intersection in order to balance the lighting after he adds his own security lighting.

Brent Boyd and Mike Schmidt from Pride Ag Resources met with the council explaining that they would be doing some upgrades at their elevator.  They are adding truck scales and will be eliminating the truck traffic crossing the highway.  They also requested an increase in the size of their transformer.  The Administrator and the Foreman will look into the cost of increasing the transformer.  Mr. Boyd also discussed enlarging the water service line to the ball diamonds/fairgrounds/rodeo arena area and the possibility of putting in a fire hydrant down there.  The Foreman and Administrator will look into the project and design a plan for expansion.

Jacque Sherrill and Paulette Knobbe presented the 2017 budget proposal for the Jetmore Library.  They are looking to upgrade the computers to be in compliance and will look for grant opportunities through SWKLA.  The Administrator will work the Library budget into the City budget before final approval.  Ms. Sherrill also asked the City to continue paying the electric bill at the library.

Ethan and Chad Burns were present for the opening of the bids for the summer mowing contract.  Two bids were presented:  Ethan Burns in the amount of $15,000 and Trace Klein in the amount of $8500.  Councilman Smith made a motion to accept the bid of Trace Klein in the amount of $8500.  Councilman Shewry seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Mindy Cure, with Hanston Insurance Agency, presented the 2016/2017 insurance renewal.  The Council and Ms. Cure went through the policy.  Ms. Cure will make suggested changes and prepare a final quote.  Ms. Cure was also asked to bid liability insurance for the airport property.

Sheriff Jared Walker and Undersheriff Jeff Channell presented the monthly activity report and discussed the storm siren policy.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REPORT:  Economic Development Director Lea Ann Seiler reported on activity in her office:  Grandma’s Goodies is now bottling honey at the culinary incubator; WorkWell Kansas recently held a two day workshop at the King Center in Jetmore; she recently promoted local businesses with a Shop Local article and a “Love In All The Local Places” campaign; she has given out 3 eCommunity loan applications and is working with Network Kansas for the marketing of new eCommunity loans; continues to work on grant opportunities for the community and attended several conferences during the last month.

Dennis O’Connor, with KDOT Aviation, met with the council and encouraged the council to keep things on track with the Instrument Approach Procedure project at the Jetmore Airport.  He explained the grant procedure and explained that it is two phases, influenced by the state budget issues, the type of project and where they can do the most good.  The paving repair and striping grant will be completed by April 2017.  Mr. O’Connor offered his help in working with the budget to make this project happen.

CITY ATTORNEY REPORT:  City Attorney Craig Crosswhite reported that the number of traffic tickets written in the City limits has increased.  He presented information from the League concerning the recently passed ordinance changing the election date, but that ordinance did not address partisan/non-partisan elections.  Councilman Steinbring made a motion to approve Ordinance #644, an ordinance calling for non-partisan elections for the City.  Councilman Shewry seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  Mr. Crosswhite is working on an ordinance for annexing the north lane of the highway from the west city limits to the east city limits, but has questions that will need to be answered before finalizing.  Mr. Crosswhite will work with the City Administrator and Dale Luedke from KDOT to complete the ordinance for the proposed annexation.

CITY FOREMAN REPORT:  City Foreman Brian Beil reported that they have been working to finish the clean-up at the race track, but would like approval to allow overtime hours to complete the project before the weeds grow back up and the materials they have piled up blow around.  A reasonable amount of overtime hours will be approved.   The crew continues to work at the power plant; the hoist has been replaced, rock was placed under the radiator, there was maintenance at the substation and the plant was run for Farabee to check the engine.  The water tower leak was repaired and the snow fence was removed.  Regular monthly water well reports and maintenance were performed.  The sewer ponds were discharged and the sewer mains were cleaned.  A section of the sewer main on Bowlus was replaced.  The airport beacon has been repaired.  They continue to mow, trim and spray the city properties.

CITY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT:  City Administrator Michael Ort gave the council his schedule for April.

* The Council and Administrator discussed replacing the power poles that the Osmose survey listed as priority; Mr. Ort will ask J & J Power Poles for a bid to replace only half of the poles at a time.

*Mr. Ort suggested some changes to the transfer schedule in 2016 which will require an amendment to the budget.  That amendment will be done later in the year in case other amendments are needed,

*The KMIT Workers Comp Insurance audit was held with Brian Coffee on March 9th and the City again received a gold rating.

*Rose Mary Saunders with Ranson Financials was here on March 24th to assist us in filling out the application for KDHE funding for the water tower project.  We are required to hold another public hearing and that will be held on May 5th preceding the regular council meeting.  Rose Mary Saunders, Peter Earles and Dennis Bowman will all be at the meeting. Mr. Ort is also looking into USDA Rural Development funding as well.  Information for the sales tax question was sent to Mr. Ort by the County Clerk.

*Utility Service Group repaired the leak at the water tower on March 8th.

*The order for water meters has been placed and will be received in a few weeks.  Once received we will work to install them as soon as we can, after which the staff can be trained.

*Surface rights under file Number 39,111 has officially been revoked.  This water right was applied for as part of the City Lake project.

*The County Clerk sent a drawing for the proposed helipad behind the hospital.  This is still a tentative plan, so no action is needed at this time.

*Mr. Ort is still working to get a contractor to take over the maintenance contract on the wind towers.  Ethos, a company in Colorado, is reluctant to take over maintenance of the towers since good maintenance records have not been kept.  They suggested we replace the nacelles on the existing towers and enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the capital provider in order to pay the debt.  We would purchase the power and sell it to our customers at a small profit.  The estimated pay off would be 15.2 years.  Mr. Ort is working with KMEA to help the City with this decision.

*The Administrator has been looking into the purchase of iPads for the Council, Mayor, Clerk and Administrator.  After his research Mr. Ort determined that a Microsoft Surface Pro would be better for him because it would allow him to connect easier to the office networks when he is out of town.  Councilman Steinbring made a motion to purchase 7 iPads and one Surface Pro 3.  Councilman Shewry seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  The computers will be property of the City and there will be a policy put into place for their use.

*Brack Excavating completed his work at the old landfill on March 10th.  The City will add more dirt to level it off and then seed it to buffalo grass.  The necessary paperwork and report completing the project were sent to the state on March 22nd.

*Lonnberg Construction turned in a bid to frame in and cover the window above the electrical control panel on the south end of the power plant.  Brian suggested that we do the same to the south window on the north side because of the breaker box that sits inside under that window and to provide uniformity to the view of the building from the west.  The Administrator and Foreman will provide a bid form with specs and re-bid the project to include both windows.

*Mr. Ort had a call from a gentleman who is interested in perhaps building near the airport and having direct access to it for his planes; potentially building a hangar out there.  This is only a contingency plan for him and he wants to know if this is even a possibility for him.  The council requested more information and want to make sure he knows that the City cannot sell the land.

*Brack Excavating provided a bid of $115 per hour to build the berm between the two gun ranges at the lake; with the City providing the dirt; and estimating that it would take a short day to complete.  Assuming a 6-8 hour day the cost would be $690 – $920.  No action was taken.

Mayor Olson said that he has asked J & P Security to provide a quote for a security system at the power plant and the City Office.

Councilman Steinbring made a motion to adjourn.  Councilman Hendrickson seconded the motion; vote unanimous.