February 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for February 4th

                                                                                                                                            February 4, 2016

The Jetmore City Council met in regular session on February 4, 2016.  Mayor Derek Olson called the meeting to order.  Councilmen answering roll call were Mike Hendrickson, Jesse Pitts, Orval Shewry, Scott Smith and Larry Steinbring.  Also attending were City Administrator Michael Ort, City Attorney Craig Crosswhite and City Clerk Deb McKivergan.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented.

Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to pay the claims for January, Appropriation Ordinance #2016-01.  Councilman Steinbring seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Economic Development Report:  Director Lea Ann Seiler reported that she was awarded the mile markers from WorkWell Kansas and they will be delivered soon.  Jetmore will be hosting a WorkWell Kansas training in Jetmore in April.  The Youth Entrepreneur Conference was promoted at the school and with KSN News.  There are three local students taking part.  The event will take place on March 2.  The E-Community loan applications were approved at the recent ED board meeting and should be available by Feb 15th.  There is $45,000 available for businesses for this year and three businesses have shown interest in the funds.  The Rooster Roundup Banded Birds contest is over and the winner will be announced soon.  There were 30 entries in the Longest Tail Feather Contest this year.  The Kansas Sampler will be coming to an end after 26 years.  However, in 2018 the event will change to the Kansas Road Trip which will bring people to smaller communities that didn’t have resources to host in the past.  Mi Molcajetes restaurant has closed and the location is for rent.  Ms. Seiler has been working with Jetmore Food Center to increase his business and increase the sales tax for the City and the County.  LeaAnn will be attending several trade shows in the next month.  Camp Wild Women will be coming to Horsethief in April and will be increased to 60 participants this year.  Economic Development is working on a Love Your Local Businesses promotion for February.  She is working with TOUR KS on requirements for bus tours to stop in Jetmore.

Doug Helmke, with KRWA, presented the Source Water Protection Plan.  Mike Hendrickson made a motion to approve the Source Water Protection Plan as presented.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Sheriff Jared Walker and Undersheriff Jeff Channell reported to the council that they have no report for this month as they are working on their computer program.

City Attorney Report:  City Attorney Craig Crosswhite reported that court continues to go well.  He is working on the contract for the airport property.  He has obtained coverage for errors and omissions.  He is working on a contract with the Council, Mayor and Administrator.

City Foreman Report:  City Foreman Brian Beil reported that the outside crew has been attending to their regular duties of water samples and well maintenance; equipment repairs and upkeep; meter repair and maintenance; meter reading and non pay disconnects; street and alley repairs; airport repairs; and lift station maintenance.  They also continue to  work at the power plant completing the clean-up from the engine project.

City Administrator Report:  City Administrator Michael Ort updated the council on his schedule of meetings and conferences.  He also presented a print out of the fund balances.


*Mr. Ort presented the council with a spreadsheet that breaks down the funding for the water tower into several different options.  The Administrator and the Foreman will be meeting with the engineer, Dennis Bowman, soon to visit about the needed scope of the water project and will present those findings at the March meeting.

*After several failed attempts to reach the selected contractor, and in consultation with the Mayor, Mr. Ort contracted with the second lowest bidder, Deep Creek Construction to perform the water main repair under Buckner Creek.

*Around Jan 13th or 14th a leak was detected under the water tower.  Utility Services was contacted and it was determined to be the expansion joint where the riser comes into the tank.  Utility Services will repair it as soon as the weather warms up.

*Mr. Ort visited with the council about beginning a program of changing out our water meters for radio read meters.  He suggested a 3-4 year period with a cost of about $27,000 per year.  Michael will attend a water meter seminal on Feb. 24th and continue to gather information.


*Cleanup day at the power plant is tentatively scheduled for February 13th.

*Brian Lawrence continues to be slow in his approach to the wind towers.  Tower one is working but has issues.  Tower two is having communication problems as well as other issues that still have to be resolved.  The crack on the blade on tower two has still not been repaired.  Mr. Ort asked the council if he should continue with Lawrence Wind and Solar or look for someone else to maintain the towers.

*The Administrator hasn’t received a quote for the replacement of the priority utility poles but expects it early next week.

*The quote from J&P Enterprises for the power plant security system will be delivered to the Mayor at his work.

*The City Administrator met with Mindy Cure from Hanston Insurance Agency and after research and conversations with other power plant owners it was determined to value the power plant at $2 million for insurance purposes.

*Kevin from Farabee Mechanics was here on January 19th for the monthly exercising of the engine and to train the crew on the compliance program.

*The EMP3 group voted on January 21st to increase the capacity rate to $2.25/kW.

*A new chain hoist is needed at the power plant.  The last one was purchased from Accent Sales in June, 2015 for $3,253.  There is a Jet hoist available at Berry Equipment in Garden City for $2,771.43.  Councilman Steinbring made a motion to purchase the hoist from Berry Equipment.  Councilman Hendrickson seconded the motion; vote unanimous.


The replacement street light pole is on order and should be done in about 3 weeks.


The City has been selected for the Kansas Airport Improvement Program funding for our airport pavement and marking project.  The project can be delayed until the 2017 budget cycle, however with enough money currently in the general fund it could be a 2016 project.


The Assistant Clerk Kelsey Keese has been reading the code book in her spare time and the Administrator will move toward having her serve as the Code Enforcement Officer for the City.  Kelsey will make a full assessment of the city and pass the violations she finds along to the Administrator and Mayor for decisions as to who to send letters to.  There will be an article in the newspaper referring the people to the city website for the full text of the code.

*Mr. Ort presented the Mutual Aid Agreement.  The attorney will look the contract over and report back to the council.

*The City Administrator has been in contact with Nuverra and arranged for the clean-up of the property at the Industrial Park.

*The lease contract on the industrial park contract is now ready for signing.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to approve the contract.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

*A letter was received from KDHE-Bureau of Waste Management regarding the old city dump and a need for some clean-up procedures there.  This is an involved process and Mr. Ort is working with Mike Burke, the City Foreman and the Mayor to submit the proper paperwork and will work with Wayne Scritchfield of Kirkham-Michael in Ellsworth to carry out the needed work.

Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to go into executive session for 15 minutes (10:20 – 10:35) to discuss non elected personnel, with the Council and City Attorney present.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to come out of executive session.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Councilman Pitts made a motion to offer a contract as negotiated among the City Council to the Administrator for presentation and signature.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous

Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to adjourn.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.