June 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for June 2nd and 9th

                                                                                                                                            June 2, 2016

The Jetmore City Council met in regular session on June 2, 2016.  President of the council Larry Steinbring called the meeting to order.  Roll call was answered by Jess Pitts, Pete Shewry and Scott Smith.  Absent was Mike Hendrickson.  Also attending was City Clerk, Deb McKivergan.

Councilman Pitts made a motion to adjourn the meeting to Thursday, June 9, at 7:00 p.m. and City Hall.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.


June 9, 2016

The Jetmore City Council re-convened their regular monthly meeting on June 9, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.  Mayor Derek Olson called the meeting to order.  Roll call was answered by Councilmen Mike Hendrickson, Jesse Pitts, Pete Shewry, Scott Smith and Larry Steinbring.  Also attending were City Clerk Deb McKivergan and Foreman Brian Beil.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented.

Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to pay the bills for May, Appropriation Ordinance #2016-05, with the exception of check #46874 to Lawrence Wind and Solar until further discussion with the City Administrator.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

CITY ATTORNEY REPORT:   City Attorney Craig Crosswhite reported that court is going well.  There is a viscous dog case that is being tried in district Court.  He has made the requested changes to the Consent to Annex on the highway property, but will take this up when the Administrator is present.  He presented a draft amendment to the mobile home ordinance for the council to look at.  Municipal Court has a trial set for June 21st for a speeding ticket.   Mr. Crosswhite continues to work on delinquent utility accounts.  He has read the Hydro-Power Pooling power contract and is working with Michael for the language.  Mr. Crosswhite discussed the sales tax process again and suggested that we have a promotion campaign before the election on August 2.  Mr. Crosswhite suggested we wait until Michael and Brian Lawrence can be present to discuss invoice #46874 before we release the check.  Code enforcement was briefly discussed and youth riding skateboards on the sidewalks.  The Sheriff will visit with the youth.  Marking property lines was discussed and it was noted that we are not legal surveyors; our markings would not hold up in a court of law.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR:  ED Lea Ann Seiler presented the following report:  Ms. Seiler has spent a great deal of time working on the Pathways Grant for Healthy Communities.  If we are selected for a site review we will be notified on June 17 and the site review would be the following week.  Our site visit with the National Wild turkey Federation will take place on June 28th.  Three local residents were able to make the trip to Jon Schallert’s Destination Creation presentation in Hutchinson on May 19th.  The bike racks will soon be assembled and placed.  The Local Food Assessment Survey has been picked up and the tabulation has begun.  Ms. Seiler hoped to have the report back by early August.  Return numbers were lower than hoped, but matched the national average.  Ms. Seiler attended the Rural Grocery Initiative in Wichita and got lots of great ideas for improving the “survival rate” of rural grocery stores.  She is working with Affiliated Foods for some sales programs.  Ms. Seiler is working on opportunities to get local businesses open again.

Sheriff Jared Walker presented the monthly activity report and discussed code enforcement with the council.

CITY FOREMAN REPORT:  City Foreman Brian Beil reported that the city crew has been busy with routine maintenance of the city’s assets.  They have painted the streets and placed a drinking fountain in the City Park along with their regular duties of meter reading, mowing, equipment maintenance, lake clean up and road grading, and airport upkeep.

CITY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT:  City Administrator Michael Ort was absent but provided the following report.

  • He provided the council with his June schedule
  • He explained changes to the “Fund Health” report to provide a more accurate understanding of the health of each fund.
  • Ort continues to work on funding for the water tower project. Rose Mary Saunders has sent requests for review from various agencies and we have gotten back requests for more information from two.  Information was sent back to one and the other will have to come from Earle’s Engineering.  Phillip Fishburn from Midwest Assistance Program was here and a lot of progress was made on that application.
  • KMEA/WAPA Agreement. This is a Firm Electric Service (FES) agreement between KMEA and Jetmore as the assignee of our allocation of hydro power from WAPA.  There is already an agreement on file for an extension of our existing power agreement through Sept. 2054.  This agreement will mirror that extension, empowering KMEA to buy or sell our allocation of hydro power for the duration of the agreement with WAPA.
  • The staff attempted to run the power plant on May 25 but shut down after only 20 minutes due to an oil leak. Farabee was contacted and a repair crew was dispatched.  It was determined that there were some seals that were defective in the turbo, it has been removed for repair.  Ken Juno is scheduled to come to assess the condition of the engine and give guidance on repairs.
  • Ort provided a sample maintenance agreement from Aeronautica. We currently have two wind turbines in need of some repair and because of the costs involved with unscheduled maintenance, Mr. Ort doesn’t believe Aeronautica is a cost effective option at this time.  Mr. Ort feels the best option at this time is to keep the current maintenance contract with Brian Lawrence.  As of May 1st,  Mr. Lawrence has resumed fulltime service as a wind and solar tech which will help with the availability issues we have had previously.  There are two invoices that are beyond the scope of the contracted work from last year.  Where he has now completed that work, Mr. Ort recommends that the invoices be paid.
  • For the airport project, Mr. Ort recommends that we enlist the services of Olsson Associates of Lincoln, NE. He feels it is important to develop quality relationships with more than one or two firms.  Olsson Associates has an excellent reputation around the state.  O’Connor of KDOT was also very complimentary of Olsson and the work they have done in Kansas.
  • Ort received a quote of $788/yr. from Hanston Insurance Agency for insurance on the airport hangars and added the hangars to the policy.
  • A Consent to Annex has been sent to KDOT, but we will send an updated one with changes recommended by Dale Leudke. The next step will be to pass an annexation ordinance, then give KDOT a boundary resolution.
  • The berm at the gun range has been cancelled after concerns were expressed by the members of the lake board. All parties involved agreed that the berm was no longer a desirable idea.
  • Ort explained Department of Labor updates to rules governing overtime and the designation of exempt and non-exempt employees in state and local government. This rule change has no effect on Jetmore at this time but may in the future so it is good to be aware of the change for future reference.
  • It was requested of Mr. Ort to introduce the topic of code enforcement with the Council to discuss how aggressive the governing body wishes to be in pursuing this effort. This will be discussed more in depth at the next council meeting.
  • The council discussed changing out the water meters. It was decided that the City Foreman would contact a couple of local contractors to bid changing five meters each and then decide how we would move forward from there.


Mayor Olson submitted the following appointments for May 2016-April 2017.  Councilman Smith made a motion to approve the appointment of Deb McKivergan to the City Clerk position.  Councilman Steinbring seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to approve the appointment of Craig Crosswhite to City Attorney position.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  Councilman Steinbring made a motion to approve the appointment of Brenda Ringle to the position of City Treasurer.  Councilman Hendrickson seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to approve the appointment of Deb McKivergan to the Court Clerk position.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to approve the appointment of Karen Kyle to the position of Municipal Judge.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.


Mayor Olson made the following committee appointments:

Councilman Shewry – Law Enforcement and Economic Development

Councilman Steinbring – Golf Course and Airport

Councilman Hendrickson – Utilities and Lake

Councilman Smith – Wind Generation and Streets & Alleys

Councilman Pitts – Finance and Parks.

Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to adjourn.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.