May 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for May 5th

                                                                                                                                            May 5, 2016

The Jetmore City Council met in regular session on May 5, 2016.  Mayor Derek Olson called the meeting to order.  Roll call was answered by Michael Hendrickson, Jesse Pitts, Pete Shewry and Scott Smith.  Absent was Larry Steinbring.  Also attending were City Administrator Michael Ort, City Attorney Craig Crosswhite and City Clerk Deb McKivergan.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented.

Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to approve the bills for April, Appropriation Ordinance #2016-04.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

The public hearing was then opened by Mayor Olson.  Rose Mary Saunders, with Ranson Financial and Peter Earles, with Earle’s Engineering, were on hand to answer questions.  A draft plan was looked at and funding was discussed.  Councilman Shewry made a motion to approve Resolution 2016-03, a resolution authorizing the completion of an application to the KDHE regarding a loan from the Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund.  Councilman Hendrickson seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  The public hearing portion of the meeting was then closed.

Sheriff Jared Walker and Undersheriff Jeff Channell presented the monthly activity report and visited with the council about dog registrations in the City.

CITY ATTORYNEY REPORT:   City Attorney Craig Crosswhite discussed the proposed sales tax and the process for getting it on the ballot.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to approve Resolution 2016-04, a resolution to submit to the qualified electors of the city the proposition of levying a one-half of one percent (0.5%) retailers’ sales tax in the City of Jetmore, for twenty (20) years, for the purposes of city operations, expenses, improvements and infrastructure; and such other governmental purposes as may be in the best interest of the city.  Councilman Shewry seconded the motion; vote unanimous.  Mr. Crosswhite discussed the annexation of the property along Hwy 156.  He is working on the legal description and the obligations that the City would have once annexed.  Municipal Court is going well, the number of tickets is up.  He is working with the Administrator and the Code Enforcement Officer on code enforcement.  The Council and the Attorney discussed the mobile home parks vs. RV parks.  The City Attorney will draft an ordinance pertaining to RV parks.

CITY FOREMAN REPORT:  City Foreman Brian Beil  reported that the outside crew has been spraying all city properties for weeds; blading roads and alleys; servicing and maintaining equipment; making repairs at King Center; repairing electric service lines; removing and replacing electric poles; taking water samples and well draw downs; taking sewer samples along with measuring lots, doing locates, reading meters and other regular monthly duties.  The council and the foreman discussed the water service project at the ball diamond/fairgrounds/rodeo arena.  Brian will get with Brent Boyd to find out exactly what the Saddle Club is wanting and find out if the recreation commission will be involved in the project or not, then report back to the council.  Brian and Councilman Hendrickson will go through the start up procedure at the power plant to see if it is sufficient.

CITY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT:  City Administrator Michael Ort presented the council with his schedule for May.

*Mr. Ort discussed with the council the funding for the airport resurfacing and restriping project.  Though there was no plan at the beginning of the year to pursue this project, there are no other large projects planned for in the general operating fund that this project would be taking from.  The city’s portion of the project would be about $38,850.  At present there is approximately $65,000 more in the general fund than at the beginning of the year.  Councilman Smith made a motion to proceed with the project.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

*Mr. Ort has identified a path for paying for half of the poles this year and the other half in 2017.  The cost of replacing the poles could be paid out of the electric reserve fund, then rebuild the fund until the end of the year.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to replace one half of the poles this year.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

*There are currently 596 electric meters in the distribution system.  We already have 99 radio read meters installed and 24 in stock at the shop.  We need to buy 158 meters for each of the next two years and 157 in the third year to fill in the rest, at an estimated cost of $21,000 per year.

*The wind tower maintenance contract was discussed.  It is not believed at this time that Ethos/Northern Systems is interested in pursuing the contract due to lack of maintenance records.  Aeronautica provided an estimate of $10,000 per year for a program similar to the one currently offered by Brian Lawrence. Brian Lawrence has decided to return to wind and solar work full time as on May 1st, and he is currently in the process of finishing the commitment he made to Jetmore last January.  He provided a letter to the council and has asked if the City would be willing to give him until the remainder of this current maintenance contract, until 2016, to prove his commitment.  The council asked Mr. Ort to gather more information on the cost effectiveness of the wind towers.  No action was taken at this time.

*Pride Ag Resources is requesting that a larger transformer be installed for their business.  Currently the city’s electric installation policy states that unless the upgrade will benefit multiple customers, the customer pays the cost of the upgrade.  Brent Boyd, from Pride Ag Resources, is requesting a waiver on this charge.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to split the $643 cost of the transformer 50/50 with Pride Ag.  Councilman smith seconded the motion, the vote was three (3) in favor with Councilman Shewry voting against.

*It was discovered on 4/21 that there is no ordinance on file that limits the operation of RV parks in the City as was previously thought.  The Administrator has visited briefly with the Attorney and he will draft an ordinance pertaining to the RV Parks.

*The light pole in the 200 block of Main has been replaced and the administrator asked if we would like to not allow truck parking along Main Street since the replacement cost for that one pole was $1,655.  No action was taken.

*The berm at the gun range is to be built the week of May 16th.  It will take approximately 15 loads of dirt, which will be brought from the golf course, after which Bud Brack will form the dirt into the berm.

*It has been determined through conversations with the staff that one additional outside staff member is needed for staff to function efficiently and to more completely serve the Council and the public.  It is thought this person would serve primarily in the Streets & Parks and Airport Departments, as well as helping with the sealing streets, power plant clean up and other routine duties.   Councilman Smith made a motion to offer the position to Jeff Rydquist at $11 per hour.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

*The Sheriff’s department is advertising for sealed bids on a Crown Victoria.  Mr. Ort was asked if the City could use this car.  It was determined that another vehicle was not needed at this time.

*Mr. Ort presented a report from the Code Enforcement Officer, Kelsey Keese, detailing her efforts and the current status of those efforts in enforcing city cokes.  Ms. Keese will continue to work with the Mayor and Administrator on code enforcement.

*Mr. Ort proposed that the Council consider a standard for spending limits for staff so that day-to-day operations may proceed more efficiently.  It is understood that a common spending limit in other cities is $500 for Department Heads and $5000 for the City Administrator.  Councilman Pitts made a motion to set the above proposed spending limits.  Councilman Hendrickson seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

*Per the request from the City Council, Mr. Ort established and presented a basic bid form for small repair and replace type of jobs to be bid in the city.

*Mr. Ort asked the council if they want to consider reapplying to the National Flood Insurance Plan.  It was determined in late 2014 that Jetmore has been suspended from the program.  Reasons are unknown.  Not being in the program disallows residents from purchasing flood insurance.  However, if the city enrolls, then all those who have federally backed mortgages would be required to purchase flood insurance if their property lies within the flood plain.  Currently the mapped floodplain includes only two houses and two livestock buildings, so the impact is minimal.  It was determined that the City would not reapply for the insurance plan.

*A chainsaw for cutting into pipe was demonstrated for outside staff in mid April.  This saw would improve ease of cut; a smaller trench is needed to cut through the pipe; it is safer in term of no kickback with chainsaw vs. chops saw and the thicker bar and chain will not bind up as easily when sawing through live pipe which allows for a quicker cut and less time to completion.  The cost of a new saw is $4000, but the salesman was asked if they would be willing to sell the demo saw for a lower price.  The salesman said they would be willing to sell the demo saw for $2800 and they would include two chains and two bars.  Mr. Ort was advised to purchase the saw since it is within his spending limit.

*Mr. Ort stated that the airport has had a few recent short-term visitors.  He asked if the City might need to examine the possibility of instituting a landing fee/month-to-month lease option fee schedule. No action was taken.

*Mr. Ort has placed his name in consideration for the advisory committee with KMEA.

*The Consumer Confidence Report was received last week and notification was placed on the city’s website.

The Ron Allen Memorial Disc Golf Course Committee sent a brochure explaining the project at Horsethief Reservoir and asked for a donation from the City.  Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to donate $250 to the committee.  Councilman Smith seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Mayor Olson will make appointments and committee appointments at the June meeting.

The June meeting will be moved from June 2nd  to June 9th due to a conflict in the Mayor’s schedule.

Councilman Hendrickson made a motion to adjourn.  Councilman Pitts seconded the motion; vote unanimous.