Cheyenne Hills Golf Course

The Cheyenne Hills Golf Course is City owned and operated.  It is a beautiful 9-hole course located north of K156 on Cheyenne Drive.  The Clubhouse address is 600 N. Cheyenne Drive.

For information and details, contact the City Office at 620-357-8344.

Membership Dues

  • Family – $300.00
  • Single – $250.00
  • Social – $100.00
  • Student – $75.00

Green Fees

  • Weekends – $15.00
  • Weekdays – $10.00
  • Bucket of Balls – $4.00
  • Tokens are available at the City Office.  One token is $4.00, three tokens for $10.00.
  • Cart Shed Rental – $120.00/yearly
  • Two golf carts available for rent.  They are $10.00/person (limit two people per cart).

Building Rental Agreement

  • For building use only (does not include golf course).
  • Members – $75.00
  • Non-Members – $100.00
  • Deposit – $300.00
  • Plus Cost of any repairs (includes damage to the golf course)
  • Golfing requires green fees be paid or membership.
  • Golfers may still have access to the building even though it is rented.
  • To rent, contact the city office at 620-357-8344 or visit at 109 E. Bramley Street.

Further Details

  • If the weather is below 40 Degrees, the Course is Closed.
  • Gift Certificates are available at the City Office.
  • All players must sign the registration book before playing each day (including members).
  • Fishing is allowed with membership and adult supervision for kids under 14.
  • Cart sheds are available.
  • Must be a paid member to rent a cart shed.

Use of the Building

  • No Smoking in Building
  • Do not adjust the thermostats.
  • Turn all lights off when leaving.
  • Wipe down all tables and chairs once done.
  • Doors are on a locking timer, unlock at 7AM and lock at 9PM.  Make certain all doors are closed and latched when exiting the building.
  • Empty the trash in the Bathroom.
  • Wash any dishes you have used, wipe down countertops, and empty the trash.
  • We are not responsible for food and drink left in the refrigerator or cabinets.
  • Dust mop and/or wet mop the floors as needed.
  • Deposit will not be returned if the above requirements are not met.
  • Thank you for not leaving trash on the Golf Course.
  • Soft Spikes only on course and in clubhouse.

Board Members for 2013

  • President: Vaughn Harms
  • Vice President: Danny Briggs
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Connie Chavez
  • Board Rep: Dustin Lee
  • Board Rep: Nick Cossman