Weekly News – Weather and Code Enforcement

With the rains coming to an end, the city crew has been catching up on some of the items on their “to do” list!  Work continues on the street project and the power plant project.  Both projects are on schedule to be completed by late summer/early fall.

The City Council would like to remind our residents of Chapter Vlll of the code book which addresses, among other things, weeds and junked motor vehicles.  (The entire code book is available on our website www.jetmorekansas.com or can be viewed at the City Office.)

A motor vehicle nuisance is any motor vehicle which is not currently registered or tagged; parked in violation of city ordinance; incapable of moving under its own power; or in a junked, wrecked or inoperable condition.  They can serve as a breeding ground for insects and rodents and can be a safety hazard.

Any grass or weeds over a height of 12” are considered blight.  These tall weeds can become a fire hazard and harbor insects, rodents and other animals.

The City will be identifying properties containing these nuisances and will be asking residents to abate the problems.  Please look around your property and see if there is anything you can do to clean up.  We are proud of our town and want to keep it clean and healthy!

The County Fair will be held on July 16th – 20th.  There are many fun, family friendly events planned.  So check out the entries, enjoy some great fair food and support the youth in our community!