Shooting Range

Roy Hargadine Memorial Shooting Range

The shooting range located at the South West corner of the City Lake is a public shooting range.  No specific membership is required.  All other regulations and fees of the Jetmore City Lake do apply such as a daily or yearly vehicle fee.

Mission / Purpose:

The range is to provide a SAFE place for citizens and law enforcement to shoot. It is to promote shooting sports in a protected environment. It will help curb random and sometimes destructive shooting in surrounding areas. The range should also serve to inform and educate young or novice shooters.

  1. All persons using the firing range must sign a waiver.
  2. No one under the age of 18 is allowed on the range without a parent or guardian.
  3. Children must be at least 10 years old to shoot firearms.
  4. Children under the age of 14 must be assisted at all times by a parent or guardian.
  5. All persons using the firing range are required to successfully complete a range safety briefing.
  6. Ear and eye protection must be worn by all participants and guests while at or on a firing position.
  7. All state and federal firearms laws will supersede any rules of the City Lake Range.
  8. Any legal firearm/bow can be used at the range. If a special permit is required for your firearms i.e., full automatic, that permit shall be in your possession while on the range.
  9. When handling a firearm, treat all guns as if they are loaded. Keep the firearm muzzle pointed in a safe direction, your finger off the trigger, and unloaded until ready to shoot.
  10. During law enforcement training and firearms qualifying, the shooters must be in front of firing line. To maintain the safety of all shooters the range will be closed to the public during that time.
  11. Cased and uncased firearms with empty chamber may be carried upright to or from the rear of the concrete pad rack area at any time. When on the concrete pad firearms muzzles shall remain pointed downrange while being cased, handled, or uncased.
  12. Do not carry a jammed firearm away from the firing line. Lay it down with the muzzle pointed down range until the problem is fixed.
  13. Off-hand shooters shall stand between the front edge of the concrete pad and the yellow line with the firearm muzzle at or past the front edge of the pad. Shooters using other shooting positions shall place the muzzles of their firearms as close as possible to the front edge of the pad. Under no circumstances will a firearm be discharged if the muzzle is behind any person on the firing line.
  14. Shots fired shall strike the designated impact area in line with shooters position.
  15. No tracer or incendiary ammunition may be fired on the range.
  16. All shooters shall clean up their area when finished shooting.
  17. During a cease-fire, firearms on the firing line shall not be handled.
  18. During a cease-fire, all firearms shall be pointed downrange or racked in an upright position with actions open.


  1. Targets must not be capable of deflecting a projectile. Projectiles must be able to easily pass through targets and no glass or non-biodegradable frangible targets may be used.
  2. Practice silhouettes, clangers, and spinners may be used as targets and shall be positioned directly in front of the silhouette impact areas.
  3. No personal target frames or targets may be made of material likely to cause deflection of projectiles except as described on rule 20.
  4. All steel targets, except those used for air rifles, shall be positioned so that missed shots will strike the impact area.


  1. Muzzle loading firearms must be positioned upright for cease-fires, cleaning, and loading.
  2. Shooters using muzzle loading rifles shall place their rifle upright in a v-notch in the loading bench or some other device to prevent the rifle from falling over during a cease-fire or during loading. Hand formed cartridges, propellants, and sabots may be loaded at the firing line with the firearm held in the upright position.
  3. Black powder is extremely explosive. There should be no smoking while working with black powder.


  1. Shotgun shooting is allowed; however no patterning is allowed at close range on the ranges wooden target holders.
  2. Portable traps and other clay pigeon throwing devices may be used and should be positioned in front of concrete pad.
  3. Sky drawing is prohibited.


  1. If rapid fire is used, the muzzle should be controlled so that all shots hit the impact area of the backstop. Do not destroy wooden target holders with full auto/rapid fire shooting.


  1. All relevant range rules are applicable, by substituting archery terminology.
  2. Archery shooters shall designate a common firing line.
  3. Sky drawing is prohibited.


A popular exploding target is known as Tannerite. Please follow these rules when using tannerite or other like targets.

  • Never shoot them closer than 100 yds.
  • Do not attach to any target boards or range fixtures.
  • Tannerite tends to create lots of litter. Police your trash and put in proper trash containers.