April 2022 Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2022

The Jetmore City Council met in regular session on April 7, 2022. Mayor Olson called the meeting to order and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was answered by Councilmen Jeff Channell, Connie Chavez, Kyler Fetters, Charles Leet and Mike Thornburg. Also attending were City Administrator Michael Ort, City Attorney Edgar Pando and City Clerk Deb McKivergan.

Loretta Zordel, with USDA Rural Development called in to review the Letter of Conditions and other paperwork for the grant application to be used for the park bathroom project. Councilman Channell made a motion to approve Resolution 2022-02, a resolution concerning acceptance and compliance with various requirements to obtain financial assistance from the United States of America, acting through the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development. Councilman Fetters seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Councilman Fetters made a motion to approve the consent agenda; containing the March 3, 2022 minutes and Appropriation Ordinance #2022-03. Councilman Chavez seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REPORT:  ED Director Lea Ann Seiler presented a Department of Commerce Regional Service Award to Shari Housman for her Country Kurls business. Multiple Merit Awards were presented to local businesses, including Councilman Charles Leet. There are two new businesses holding open houses this month; Studio B on Main Street and Let Me Glamp Your Nails on Bowlus Street. The Tour of Honor began on April 1st and runs into September. Ms. Seiler is receiving calls from crews with projects in the area wanting RV spaces to rent during the length of their project. She has received no word on the BASE grant at this time. She is hoping to hear about the SSRF housing grant by the end of April or early May. There is the possibility of more RHID grant money; she will work on the application for that. Isaac Cavazos will represent Hodgeman County in the Youth Entrepreneur event in Manhattan.

Tyler Beougher, golf course board president, met with the council about upgrading portions of the cart paths at the course, laying concrete in place of the chat. The council will discuss it further after looking closer at the proposed plan.


CITY CLERK REPORT:  Deb reminded the council members of the two open houses for the new businesses. The American Legion will hold their annual steak supper and requested a donation for their prizes. The City will donate two yearly lake vehicle passes and two rounds of golf. The upcoming Big Bang Celebration was discussed. Council discussed again serving hot dogs, chips, watermelon and popsicles before the fireworks.

BUSINESS ITEMS:  Mayor Olson appointed Casey Dansel to the Jetmore Housing Authority Board. Councilman Chavez made a motion to approve the appointment. Councilman Fetters seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

*The Library Board will soon have two openings. No action was taken at this time.

*Mr. Ort recently attended the in-person CPM class in Overland Park. He found this to be a much better learning experience for him and asked the council for permission to attend the in-person class for the remainder of the year, resulting in an added cost of approximately $1500. Permission was granted by the council.

*Jim Groth from Rocking M radio recently reached out asking if the city would once again be willing to be a host sponsor for HorseThief the Festival. He presented two levels of sponsorship – $3500 for 12 tickets and 1000 thirty second radio ads; or $2000 for 8 tickets and 650 thirty second ads. The council chose to not sponsor this year.

CITY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT:  City Administrator Michael Ort gave his April travel and training schedule. 

*Mr. Ort visited Wamego, Holton, Baldwin City and Osage City to see their cooling systems at their power plants. In all cases they are using cooling towers for their engines. Mr. Ort has reached out to two contractors to get quotes for an appropriately sized cooling tower. He will report back when he receives that information.

*When the engine was started for the monthly exercise in March they discovered a small fuel leak on the east side of the engine at the No. 12 cylinder. Kevin at Farabee Mechanical was sent pictures of the problem area. Kevin asked to have Tim Burns weld the problem area and it would be addressed permanently when they come to address the cooling system. The part has been welded and replaced.

*With the 4th of July holiday coming up, Mr. Ort asked the council if they would like to make any changes to the ordinance setting the hours and dates fireworks can be discharged in the city. Currently the hours allowed for discharge of fireworks are 8 a.m. – midnight from June 28 – July 5. After a short discussion the council declined to visit the issue at this time.

*Mayer Specialties plan to be here the week of April 25th to repair the line in the alley between Benton and Clay, from Best to Wash.

*Mr. Ort received an email form HomeServe recently stating that the dates for their next mailing will be in April 12th with a follow up on April 26th.

*The current one cent sales tax is set to expire at the end of this year. If the city wishes to renew any portion of this sales tax, it would need to be decided at the May council meeting so the information could be given to the County Clerk by June 1 to be included on the August primary ballot. The council will visit with city residents and Mr. Ort will bring back ordinances to be reviewed at the May meeting.

GOVERING BODY COMMENTS:  The upgrades at the Hodgeman County Swimming Pool were discussed and Council President Channell suggested the city donate the $3500 that might have been donated to the HoreseThief Festival sponsorship to the pool renovation fund. Councilman Thornburg made a motion to donate $3500 to the pool project to be put toward window replacement. Councilman Channell seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

The golf course cart path project was discussed. Mr. Ort will visit with Tyler Beougher about the possibility of stretching the project out over more years, thus lowering the annual cost. He will then report back to the council.

Mayor Olson stated that more rock is needed at the sewer discharge station.

Councilman Chavez made a motion to adjourn. Councilman Fetters seconded the motion; vote unanimous. The meeting was adjourned at 10:27 p.m.