Welcome to the City of Jetmore

If you are looking for a quiet and welcoming town to relocate your family to, look no further than Jetmore.  Located at the intersection of US 283 and K 156, Jetmore is the County Seat of Hodgeman County and the home of the Longhorns.

With a population of about 900, the City of Jetmore has shown great resilience throughout the years as families and friends keep finding themselves coming back.  The City of Jetmore offers amenities like City Parks, a Golf Course at Cheyenne Hills, a City Lake, as well as utility services such as electric, water, and sewer.  When it comes to grocery and dining, Jetmore has a local Food Center as well as a number of good family-owned restaurants.  We are located just 25 minutes north of Dodge City and 45 minutes east of Garden City, so going shopping is not a problem.

Come and walk down our famous Main Street with the beautiful street lights, side walk designs, and benches to rest on.  While you do this, take a moment to circle our historic County Courthouse.  Finding a more friendlier place to be will be hard.  So we encourage you to stop in, take some time to talk, and soak in what all Jetmore has to offer.  We may be small in size, but I think you will be surprised with how much we have to offer!

Welcome New Administrator

Please stop in and welcome our new Administrator! Michael Ort comes to us by way of Missouri and is excited to make Jetmore his home. You’ll be hearing more about him and from him as he gets better integrated into his routine. But for now, he is anxious to start learning about the City of Jetmore and our citizens!

The day/night tournament scheduled for August 29th has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The next club tournament will be held on September 20th and will be a two person scramble

Electric usage has been unusually high the last couple of months. High humidity causes our air conditioners to work overtime to draw the moisture out of the air before cooling it. High humidity also makes it feel warmer, therefore we prefer a lower temperature to be comfortable. Overnight temperatures are beginning to drop, but until recently our air conditioners didn’t get a break during the night. Fall is around the corner and our usages should drop over this next month! Another thing to remember is that our meters are read in the middle of the month (11th – 15th) then billed and mailed out the beginning of the following month. When you receive your bill in the mail, some of the electricity was used almost six weeks earlier. Our electric rates are $.0133 per KWH, regardless of your usage.   There is also a monthly customer charge of $13.00 per meter. Thanks to a wetter than normal summer, our water usage hasn’t been extraordinarily high. Our water rates are $4.00 per 1000 gallons, with a monthly customer fee of $8.50. These rates have been in effect since January of 2014.

School will be starting May 27th, so please watch out for the students and extra traffic when school takes up and lets out. The school calendar is full of events, so check it out and do what you can to support the youth in our community!

Golf Tournament Cancelled

The day-night tournament scheduled for August 29th at the Cheyenne Hills Golf Course has been cancelled.  The next scheduled Club Tournament will be held on Sunday, September 20, at 10:00 a.m. and will be a two person scramble.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Questions?  Call the City Office at 357-8344.

Routine Duties


The City crew has been staying busy with their routine duties. Daily they check water wells and perform routine maintenance on them.   With all of our recent rains they have been busy mowing and working on alleys and roads in town and at the lake and airport. Mid-month they read meters. Monthly, safety trainings are held with Kansas Municipal Utilities providing the instruction. They also check draw down on water wells monthly. Quarterly they fill out a sewer report for KDHE.   Along with the routine duties, they have the random meter replacement, tree trimming, service line repairs, etc. Most of this week will be spent repairing the water main at the intersection of Eakin and Park, installing valves and a new piece of water main pipe.

Our council recently completed a workshop and training course with Don Osenbaugh, who is a former City Administrator and worked with the League of Kansas Municipalities.

We have had a lot of complaints about overgrown weeds and grass on properties. Any vegetation over 12 inches tall is presumed to be blighting and will be cited for code violation. Please check your property and be proactive in taking care of this.

The street project is moving quickly and is on target to be completed before the new school year begins.

The Cheyenne Hills Golf Course will be holding a Day/Night Tournament on August 29th. There will be more information coming on this, either in the newspaper or in the next news article.

Have a great week; the last full week before school starts!

August Updates

Happy August! Where has the summer gone?

The east lane of the street project is well underway. The bricks have been removed and they will replace the storm drains and water lines on that side, then begin leveling the surface for the concrete. It is estimated it will be completed before the end of August, barring any rain delays or unexpected problems!

The power plant project is moving along also. All of the underground conduit outside of the power plant has been installed. About 80% of the conduit inside the power plant has been installed. There is still a little conduit to be installed to the cooling tower after the piping is done. The medium voltage cable (rated at 5,000 volts) has all been pulled into the conduit. They will start installing the control wiring the week of August 10th. The control panel should be delivered that week also. After that, they will begin hooking up the control wiring and the instrumentation will begin to work.

The bricks are available and are being stored on the City lot and a few are stored at the County Road Department. If you would like bricks for any small projects they are available now. After August 17th it will be opened up to people wanting large amounts and people from out of town. Any bricks left after late September or early October will be crushed. This is only a general timeline. As soon as we know the date the crusher is scheduled we will let the public know.

The Cheyenne Hills golf tournament that was scheduled for August 15th has been cancelled. The next club tournament will be a day/night tournament on August 29th.

Weekly News – Weather and Code Enforcement

With the rains coming to an end, the city crew has been catching up on some of the items on their “to do” list!  Work continues on the street project and the power plant project.  Both projects are on schedule to be completed by late summer/early fall.

The City Council would like to remind our residents of Chapter Vlll of the code book which addresses, among other things, weeds and junked motor vehicles.  (The entire code book is available on our website www.jetmorekansas.com or can be viewed at the City Office.)

A motor vehicle nuisance is any motor vehicle which is not currently registered or tagged; parked in violation of city ordinance; incapable of moving under its own power; or in a junked, wrecked or inoperable condition.  They can serve as a breeding ground for insects and rodents and can be a safety hazard.

Any grass or weeds over a height of 12” are considered blight.  These tall weeds can become a fire hazard and harbor insects, rodents and other animals.

The City will be identifying properties containing these nuisances and will be asking residents to abate the problems.  Please look around your property and see if there is anything you can do to clean up.  We are proud of our town and want to keep it clean and healthy!

The County Fair will be held on July 16th – 20th.  There are many fun, family friendly events planned.  So check out the entries, enjoy some great fair food and support the youth in our community!