October 2022 Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2022

The Jetmore City Council met in regular session on October 5, 2022. Mayor Derek Olson called the meeting to order and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was answered by Councilmen Jeff Channell, Connie Chavez, Kyler Fetters, Charles Leet and Mike Thornburg. Also attending were City Administrator Michael Ort, City Attorney Clayton Kerbs and City Clerk Deb McKivergan. Trey McKinley was observing as a member of the HCHS government class.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REPORT:  Ed Director Sailor-Anne Seiler told the council that they had received a $1,400 tourism grant that would be used to update brochures and postcards and other tourism items. The SEED grant application has been turned in; the Hanston Library, City of Jetmore and HCHC are the grant applicants. She will let us know if and when the grant is awarded. The Spooktacular on Main will be held again in Jetmore on October 31st. She asked that the Hunt Hodgeman banners be installed before hunting season.

CITY ATTORNEY REPORT:  Mr. Kerbs reported that court is going well with a slight increase in ticket numbers.


BUSINESS ITEMS:  Two bids for drilling  the replacement well for #12 were received by Ned Marks and forwarded to Mr. Ort and the engineer for the project, Doug Goetz. One bid didn’t satisfy all the requirements so it was recommended we accept the bid of Associated Drilling out of Olsburg, KS in the amount of $244,887.18. Councilman Channell made a motion to accept the bid of Associated Drilling. Councilman Thornburg seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

We have had several water main breaks lately and it was suggested by the staff that we order supplies to have on hand. Mr. Ort got pricing for owning the insertion valve equipment vs. contracting insertion valves. This equipment could be purchased with the remaining funds from the water tower project. After reviewing the chart Councilman Channell made a motion move forward with the purchase of the hydra-stop equipment and valves. Councilman Fetters seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

With the need to drill another well to replace well #12, we need to purchase property. The ideal property according to the engineers is 1000 feet west of the current well site. Councilman Channell will visit with the Schroeder family about the possibility of purchasing/leasing property from them to place the well on and negotiate terms to be brought back to the council.

ADMINISTRATOR REPORT:  City Administrator Michael Ort gave the council his October travel/training schedule. Staff birthdays this month are Jared Borger on the 25th and Michael Ort on the 31st.

*Mr. Ort has yet to receive any bids on the park bathroom project, however two new contractors were contacted and indicated they were interested and were sent the design and bid documents. Neither have been returned at this time. The SEED grand application was sent in and if awarded the money will go to the park bathroom project.

*The corn crop was cut for silage and an insurance claim was submitted for the loss. The check for that claim was received last week in the amount of $17,938. We will receive some payment for the city’s portion of the silage soon.

*Mr. Ort asked the staff to help him draft an equipment replacement plan. At the top of the list was a replacement for the golf course pick-up, followed by the pickup Jimmy drives, the golf course Cushman, the Bad Boy mower and the Land Pride. Mr. Ort will begin looking for a replacement pickup for the golf course.

*The revenue to date for camping at the lake is down over $11,000 but still significantly higher than revenue when there was no long term camping.

*Mr. Ort has contacted Jennifer Lampe and permanent signs are in the works for renaming the park in Alison Guthrie’s honor. Alison has recently completed a grant application to complete the work on the trail for the park all the way to Park Street. The city and local residents would be asked for an in-kind donation of labor, but no monetary contribution.

*Mr. Ort presented the fund health report for the third quarter.

GOVERNMENT BODY COMMENTS:  A council member was approached about the safety of recreational boating at the city lake when the water level gets low. They also would like to have the metal rail on the boat ramp removed. That would be possible only if the lake gets low enough. There also needs to be some mowing done before the end of summer.

The publishing of the minutes in the paper was discussed. It is the preference of the council that only approved minutes be published.

The sand/dirt roads in town were discussed. Temporary repairs will be made. It is planned that these roads will be the annual chipseal project next year.

The school would like to have some dirty chat to place on the path to the new javelin pit area. Details are yet to be finalized.

We have a request for more hangars at the airport.

Councilman Chavez made a motion to enter into executive session to discuss non-elected personnel pursuant to the non-elected personnel exception K.S.A. 75-4319(b)(1) with the Mayor, Council and Administrator present. The open meeting will resume in the council chamber at 8:28 p.m. Councilman Channell seconded the motion; vote unanimous. Councilman Chavez made a motion to come out of executive session. Councilman Channell seconded the motion; vote unanimous. No action was taken. Councilman Thornburg made a motion to adjourn. Councilman Leet seconded the motion; vote unanimous. The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 p.m.