March 2024 Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2024

The Jetmore City Council met in regular session on March 6th, 2024. Mayor Bill Goebel called the meeting to order and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll wall was answered by Councilmen Cole Buffo, Jeff Channell, Charles Leet  John Neely & Mike Thornburg. Also attending were City Administrator Michael Ort , City Clerk Casey Dansel, and Attorney Samantha Sweley. Representatives for Cheyenne Hills Golf Course Curtis Goebel & Dustin Lee were also in attendance as were Christy Salmans & student members of Hodgeman County Resist.

Councilman Channell made a motion to approve the consent agenda containing the February 2024 minutes & Appropriation Ordinance #2024-01. Councilman Buffo seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REPORT:  Sailor-Ann Seiler presented her February report. She updated the website, worked on YEC, Completed SEED paperwork, Completed & submitted BHE Grant (awarded), Completed & submitted Invenergy Grant, Attended roundtable meeting, Attended Wild West Country meeting, Received & shared LIED 23-24 video. Sailor presented the council with information on RHID & NRP. The Council would like to have Sailor and Mr. Ort pursue RHID (Rural Housing Incentive District) and move forward. Dustin Lee inquired about the possibility of grants that would be available for a restroom/shelter for the golf course. Sailor will do some checking on that.

CITY ATTORNEY REPORT:  Attorney Samantha Sweley from Kerbs Law Office was in attendance for Clayton. Nothing to report.

CITY CLERK REPORT:  Clerk Dansel had nothing to report to the council.


Hodgeman County Resist presented to the council a proposition to make the City Park a tobacco free area. The students explained what they’ve learned about tobacco and vaping and would like to see at least the area where children play be  tobacco/vape free. Council discussed that it would be hard to make the entire park tobacco free but would be willing to make the sand playground area a suggested tobacco free zone. Councilman Channell made a motion to make the playground area tobacco free. Councilman Thornburg seconded the motion. Councilman Leet abstained. Vote unanimous; motion carried. Christy has signs that we could get to be posted at the play area or we can have our own made.

Golf course board representatives Curtis Goebel & Dustin Lee presented more information on the Golf Cart Shed project. Shed kit price has increased $3000 since original estimate was given. Board discussed purchase of land from Dick Sorem and he is willing to sell it. After mapping, it will be just a little under an acre. Dane Little is drafting a legal description and will send to County Appraiser for approval. Councilman Leet made a motion to approve and move forward with the Golf Cart Shed project with cart shed rent paying for new sheds over a course of several years.  Councilman Buffo seconded the motion. Vote 4-1 with Councilman Channell opposing. Motion carried.

Mr. Ort reminded the council that he will be gone the first week of May for his son’s wedding out of state. Council is in agreement it will be best to move the regular City Council meeting to the next week. Councilman Thornburg made a motion to move the May City Council meeting to May 8th. Councilman Buffo seconded them motion; vote unanimous.

Mr. Ort presented the council with several options for the city park shade structures. Council discussed different options & sizes agreed to go with the option from Willy Goat, LLC.

Mr. Ort presented the Main Street Geometric Improvement Project Application to the council.  Councilman Channell made a motion for Mr. Ort to apply for the grant. Councilman Thornburg seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Mr. Ort presented the council with the Recycling Center Agreement with the county. Councilman Thornburg made a motion to direct Mayor Goebel to sign the agreement. Councilman Leet seconded the motion; vote unanimous.

Mr. Ort presented the council with a question regarding pay for a seasonal employee. Councilman Channell made a motion to increase seasonal employee Dan Shuler to $17.00 an hour. Councilman Leet seconded the motion; vote unanimous.


*Mr. Ort presented his March travel and training schedule.

*Mr. Ort presented the letter he wrote to Mr. Rasumussen as directed by the council the previous month terminating the rental agreement for the south airport hangar as of the next renewal date, May 1, 2024.

*City Administrator Car- Mr. Ort reached out to Lewis Ford and they only had one option for a car within the budget set by the council of $10,000. Also spoke with Kansas Dept. of Administration surplus property agent and they will send us weekly emails of vehicles available. After some research and last month’s discussion Mr. Ort elected to repair the current car for just under $2,700 and continue to drive it as it seemed to be the most cost-effective decision.

*Kenyon Nature Park Sign- Tera Pitts proposed a cleanup and refreshing of the rock sign at Kenyon Nature Park and gave a quote of $100 for the work, which Mr. Ort approved and asked Tera to proceed with the project.

*Fire Damage- South side of City Lake received significant fire damage from the wildfire last week. Fire burned up to the creek feeding the lake SE of the shooting range. Fire went to the NE, along the creek bank, up to the lake where it was contained. No structures or other city property were damaged as fire didn’t approach the shooting range, campground, picnic areas or bathrooms.


Councilman Channell discussed the agreement we have with the County Road Dept. in trading out maintaining city lake roads/airport and hospital. He asked if the city could possibly also take over the maintenance of the dirt road portion of Atkin, north of Highway 156. Council agreed this would make sense for the city to take care of.

 Councilman Channell made a motion to adjourn. Councilman Buffo seconded the motion; vote unanimous. Meeting was adjourned at 8:56 p.m.