Weekly News – Projects, Memorial Weekend, and Garage Sale

The Street Project continues through its Water and Storm Water phase.  Recent rain has slowed the project down, but otherwise there are no major issues.  The contractors are currently placing new storm water lines in the ground and will continue next to the water lines.  Those whose water comes from Main Street will have intermittent water outages but these will be kept minimal.

The Power Plant project continues in the installation phase.  Nothing new to update at this time.

The Sewer Line cleaning project is wrapping up this week.  A few trouble spots were identified as needing to be addressed in the near future, but by in large the City sewers west of Main Street are working well.  East side of Main Street will be cleaned in 2016.

Memorial Weekend is coming up quickly and there is a whole host of activities scheduled.  There will be a 5K glow run, parade, and potluck and Street Dance.  Please see the City Office for more details and come join the fun!

A City Wide garage sale is scheduled for May 30th.  For details see Lea Ann Seiler.

Please remember that if you have any concerns or questions regarding any of the projects in town, please direct them to the Mayor, City Administrator, our a Council member.

Weekly News – Brick, Sewer Cleaning, and Resignation

The new City Council took office Thursday, May 7th.  The meeting went very well and the council would like to encourage anyone and everyone to come to the meetings and participate.

For anyone wishing to have some bricks from the Street Project, the City Council is offering the brick located at the City workshop for free.  We are not offering large amounts of brick to any one person, so if you are wishing for large quantities, please speak with the City Office first.  The City will not be available to load or deliver brick, so you must help yourself.  We are also not offering brick to any non-Hodgeman County residents until after August 1st.  Therefore if you are a current resident, prior resident, or a direct relative, you may have access now.

The City Administrator Grayson Path announced his resignation Thursday night.  His last working day will be June 5th.  He has taken the City Administrator position of Nebraska City, NE.  He would like to express his sincere gratitude to the citizens of Jetmore for welcoming and working with him these past two years.

The stormwater and water portions of the street project have begun.  Citizens will be able to observe the laying of new piping as they drive or walk by.  Both this project and the power project are continuing to move forward.

Over the next couple of weeks, the City has contracted with Utility Maintenance Contractors to clean out the sewer lines west of Main Street.  Those living in this area will have received orange sticky notes on their doors (or soon will) telling them what to do to prepare.  Due to the process we are unable to give an exact day for each block as there are too many factors involved, so please be watching for these crews as they come closer to your home or call the City office.  They will be starting in the Cheyenne Development and working their way toward the Power Plant – Main Street and Park Street.

Weekly News – GIP, Audit, and Sewer Cleaning

The City of Jetmore Geometric Improvement Project continues to proceed along.  The Stormwater and Water Main replacement phase is set to begin and is scheduled to last 20 working days in total.  Please continue to be careful as you drive through the construction zone on Main Street.

The City Office has fielded many questions regarding the brick being removed from the project.  While a portion of the brick has been given to the county, the other portion is still up for decision by the City Council.  Of this portion, some have been dedicated to the City Park and some to the Lions Club.  But the remainder will be decided upon in the May 7th Council Meeting.  If you are wanting brick, please let the City Office know.

The City just completed its 2014 financial audit.  The auditors conducted an exit interview with the City staff on May 1st and the City is happy to say that no major issues exist.  The final edition of the audit will be presented by the auditors to the City Council in the June council meeting, after which it will be available for the public to view.

For everyone living west of Main Street, please be advised the sewer line cleaning is slated to begin May 11th.  It has been long awaiting, but we are hopeful it will start for sure that week.  You will receive an orange sticky note on your door letting you know what you need to do to be ready.  Please follow the instruction on these notes.  If you have questions, please contact the City Office.

Consumer Confidence Report

The City of Jetmore 2014 Consumer Confidence Report for Water Quality is available to be viewed at the Kansas Rural Water Association (KRWA) website or by clicking here.  If you know of anyone who would like a hard copy of this, they are available at the City Office.  If you have any questions, please feel free to visit with us.

Weekly News – GIP, Power Plant, City Code and Council Meeting

The City of Jetmore’s Geometric Improvement Project to replace two blocks of Main Street is set to start soon.  Please be aware that traffic will be directed past the construction zone.  Drive safe and watch out for workers!

The Municipal Power Plant project continues to hum along.  Most of the equipment is on site and the next phase – installation – is underway.  This phase should take approximately three months.  Please stay tune for updates.

The Municipal Code has been uploaded to the Website.  Please see the Government Tab above to access and view the code.  Please be aware that the City will start enforcing summer-related codes in the near future.  If you have any questions, please direct them to the City Office.

The City Council will have their next regularly scheduled council meeting May 7th.  This will mark the beginning of the new council following elections.  Come and listen in as the City conducts its normal monthly business.