Weekly News – Projects, Memorial Weekend, and Garage Sale

The Street Project continues through its Water and Storm Water phase.  Recent rain has slowed the project down, but otherwise there are no major issues.  The contractors are currently placing new storm water lines in the ground and will continue next to the water lines.  Those whose water comes from Main Street will have intermittent water outages but these will be kept minimal.

The Power Plant project continues in the installation phase.  Nothing new to update at this time.

The Sewer Line cleaning project is wrapping up this week.  A few trouble spots were identified as needing to be addressed in the near future, but by in large the City sewers west of Main Street are working well.  East side of Main Street will be cleaned in 2016.

Memorial Weekend is coming up quickly and there is a whole host of activities scheduled.  There will be a 5K glow run, parade, and potluck and Street Dance.  Please see the City Office for more details and come join the fun!

A City Wide garage sale is scheduled for May 30th.  For details see Lea Ann Seiler.

Please remember that if you have any concerns or questions regarding any of the projects in town, please direct them to the Mayor, City Administrator, our a Council member.